The Intranet as a Service:

Why this is the right answer for ambitious businesses

You’ve undoubtedly heard of Salesforce, the breakthrough ‘software as a service’ solution.

Salesforce opened businesses’ eyes to the value of the ‘as a service’ approach, and how it frees them from having to invest in owning a standalone IT or software product, to instead paying a subscription to an external service for software or infrastructure that’s provided over the cloud.

Nowhere is the commercial case for ‘as a service’ stronger than in the field of Intranets. Mostly because the timing is perfect: not only are traditional Intranets comparably slow and costly to build and maintain, they’re also largely unsuited to the modern ‘anywhere, anytime’ style of working and collaboration. No wonder most are now so outdated and complex that only 1 in 5 employees actually uses them.

More flexible, faster and financially smarter, Intranet as a Service (IaaS) is knocking the old way out the ballpark. We’ve summed up four key reasons why it’s the ideal collaboration tool for today’s ambitious businesses.

It’s user-friendly

Old-style Intranets were often complex and confusing, with an experience more reflective of how the system worked than what the user wanted. They have increasingly felt out of step with today’s world of apps and user-friendly software. IaaS solutions, by contrast, tap straight into that. IT WORX HUB, for example, marries the key Intranet tasks – collaboration, communication, organization – to familiar Microsoft Office 365 solutions.

It’s a world employees already love to use, that’s completely compatible with everything else they’re doing – and that many companies’ IT systems are based around.

It’s built for today

Old-style Intranets were built for desktop, office-bound PCs.

Today, employees expect to be connected both constantly – office, home, in the field – and seamlessly – laptop, smartphone, tablet.

By switching to IaaS, companies can instantly reflect that shift in working practices in their Intranet solution.

Moreover, not only is IaaS completely capable of operating ‘anywhere, anytime, any device’, it’s also able to do so securely and safely. Most products, including IT WORX HUB, offer options that guarantee peace of mind, no matter what is the size of your company, and what kind of data issues you have.

It’s incredibly cost-effective

IaaS solves three key financial challenges old-style Intranets struggled with:

  • You know what you’ll pay. Usage costs are predictable, as you simply pay a flat subscription fee. Most providers offer tiers or scales within this too – simply choose what works for you in terms of employee numbers, for example, and change it if you want to later.
  • No more large upfront costs. This suits small businesses who either don’t have the capital for designing and implementing a new system, or the desire to do so anyway.
  • There are no ongoing maintenance costs. Once built and implemented, running an in-house Intranet can still become a major cost and time burden. Never mind the cost of updating it – something most companies neglect, leading to systems rapidly becoming outdated. With IaaS, however, all this is handled on your behalf – and at no additional hidden cost.

It’s quick and more adaptable

Traditional Intranets take long time to build and deploy: months, if not years.

Dynamic businesses no longer have that kind of mindset. An IaaS solution can be implemented almost instantly, with simple rollout and training provided straightaway which means greater flexibility.

Plus – as mentioned above – updating is also built in. Just as you grow and change, so will your Intranet. New feature and updates will be constantly and seamlessly added, meaning your Intranet is always at the leading edge – just like your business.