A pleasure to use:

How a friendly, familiar and hassle-free Intranet user experience makes all the difference

Order an Uber. Shazam a song. Instagram a snap.

Doing things digitally has become so instinctive, it’s increasingly hard to remember that tools such as landlines, CDs and printed photographs have only recently passed into the status of ‘yesterday’s technology’.

Just as this trend is apparent in everyday life, so it is in the corporate world. Faxes, diaries have long since disappeared. Even email often seems a touch dated, and no-one now blinks at replacing things like physical meetings and printed documents with their virtual equivalents.

The key to this trend isn’t just that things are possible digitally, it’s that things are easier that way. This subtle but vital point is often the point at which the transition to digital finally tips over. After all, we’d be less likely to use, say, the Uber app if the experience of doing so was no better than calling for a taxi.

A company Intranet is one area where this tipping point is now being reached, with significant implications for how we all work.

Of course, a digital Intranet is not a new thing. Companies have been using IT-based systems to co-ordinate employees, data and tasks for some time. But what’s perhaps stopped Intranets from blowing other methods out the water is that, to date, their user experiences haven’t been great.

They are undoubtedly powerful tools, but are they a pleasure to use? Do they have the element of ‘user experience magic’ that has made things like Uber so unstoppable?

You’d be hard pressed to find anyone who will argue with much conviction that they do. Ask them about an Intranet as a Service (IaaS) system, however, and you’re likely to get a very different answer.

The simple reason is that these new generation of solutions have made that crucial step – from not just enabling people to do things digitally because it’s possible, but encouraging them to do so because it’s pleasurable.

Our solution ITWORX HUB, for example, is based on platforms and tools that are renowned for their user-friendliness, that have had the best teams in the world perfecting them, and that are 100% in tune with modern expectations of what a leading user experience should feel like. Office 365, Skype for Business, Yammer… these products are world-leaders for a reason, and that reason is largely to do with their user-experience.

By pulling these tools together, and adapting them to create a seamless, multi-featured Intranet that marries social media to software, ITWORX HUB powerfully delivers that tipping point of user experience difference that has changed other sectors, and that now seems set to do the same in the field of professional collaboration and communication.

Research has shown that traditional Intranets are only used by one out of every five employees who has access to them, with poor user experience probably a key factor. With IaaS solutions, that proportion is likely to change dramatically – and old-style Intranets to go the way of fax machines and music CDs.