Office 365:

How combining it with an Intranet unleashes even more power

Microsoft Office 365 is the global standard in business software, with good reason.

Linking its strengths to an Intranet as a Service solution makes complete sense, both commercially for businesses and experientially for users.

We’ve summed up ten reasons why we think this is a marriage made in heaven…

  1. IaaS is accessible to all, meaning any organization can benefit from full Microsoft Enterprise-class services, no matter whether you have 50 employees, 500 or 50,000. No longer do you have to be ‘big enough’ to be able to afford an Intranet.
  2. There’s no need for complex infrastructure. An Office 365 Intranet combines instantly and seamlessly with any other Microsoft services your company has. There’s no requirement to invest in getting different systems to link and talk to each other, or have an Intranet that feels disconnected from the other IT products and services that your employees use.
  3. Guaranteed availability. An Office 365 IaaS is up and on 24/7, 365 days a year, across the world. Gone is the need for a company to invest in multiple servers, manage maintenance and upkeep, and guard against outages.
  4. You’ll always be 100% up-to-date, with updates and new versions constantly and automatically available to you, with no disruption or additional cost. Microsoft’s strategy as a ‘cloud first, mobile first’ business means that all the improvements they make are done via cloud platforms first. So an Office 365 Intranet means you get the latest and greatest new benefits and features straightaway.
  5. Access to a wide range of ‘extras’ that a traditional Intranet wouldn’t necessarily include. For example, ITWORX HUB gives you things such as Office Graph, Delve, Skype for Business, Link and Yammer – automatically.
  6. No more worries about document storage. Native integration with Microsoft OneDrive gives you the ability to store all your documents directly in the cloud, making it extremely simple and seamless for employees to share and collaborate on documents with one other.
  7. Total security. With your Intranet in the cloud, Microsoft deals with security issues for you – to their world-class standards. For employees, this means your Intranet is available everywhere, any time, on any device – and you don’t need to modify IT firewalls to give them access.
  8. The costs are predictable and scalable. Old-style Intranets needed a critical mass of employees to justify the cost, and were usually priced depending on the number of users. With an IaaS, all that disappears. A small monthly fee structure, no matter what size you are, removes financial unpredictably and pressure.
  9. Similarly, your Intranet is now scalable. As you grow, it will continue to be the ideal solution for you, and you never need to think about rebuilding or recasting.
  10. Microsoft Office 365 is a truly global solution, and so can your Intranet be. Whatever language(s) you need, they’re readily available and implemented. ITWORX HUB, for example, can provide a new language version within a couple of days of your request – for free.